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Crafty Afternoon.

Just finished a letter of recommendation for a dear friend and now working the Cricut to make stencils for geli plates.  Too much fun when there is no sun.

The secret to my stencils is to use heavy card stock and spray fix after cutting.  They last a long time, and I can always go back to cricut design and recut if needed.


Winter is Coming

Getting ready for the cold by prepping the new green houses for the boxes.  I also have set up some new solar lighting in the yard.  

Second day and ran out of wood hinges and finds.  Will have to wait until November to finish.  However I did get everything stained.  So most is ready for...


Prepping the house for Halloween. 


more to come.


Fair Day

While walking through the State Fair I came across Toyota’s new concept cars.  Great functional works of art.


Late Morning Clay Session

With the rain, comes an opportunity to throw.  It was a slow start but definitely worth it.  I even got a little fire going in the Chimanea.  The coffee cup is from Susan Kennedy, my first ceramics teacher.  One of my treasures I cherish.

Hoping to get these things trimmed and set to bisque. 


New Clay Continued

Ok so you got impatient and took the clay out too early. If you do this cut it up and place pieces back in the bag with a cup of water for a few hours.  The smaller pieces will absorb water quickly.  Tomorrow we are expecting rain, so nice cool morning to do...

Pre Print Business Cards 

Setting up the final layer in business cards.  Mono prints for the background and this layer on top.

Washing out screen in the master bath shower.


DSO Night

Ready for a great concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra!


New Clay

After getting home from a long Navy Reserve weekend I am reclaiming some clay donated by Katherine Broadwell middle school art teacher extrodinaire!  Just fill a bucket with water and put clay brick into a bag.  Put one cup of water into the bag and seal the top And put the whole thing into the...

Shirt Day

Getting another shirt run done this morning.  Pushing to finish the entire batch today.  


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