End of Another School Year

What happened? Can it be? It is already over and I feel like I just started. That is a good thing. I have talked to a few of my friends that said in the past I felt empty or just ready to shut down and hide for the summer. Not anymore!

As I get ready to start my Masters Degree, teach summer school, and renovate my craft room I will reminisce. Cue the 70’s sitcom blur/wave filter as I begin where I left off last time.

In 3D we finished up paper tube sculptures where they made great use of 2D Design to 3D “in the round” creations. I am still figuring out how to prep the classroom for clay in between 2 2D classes, but the students were mega cool with their assigned tasks and clean up. Even had 2 students become my shop dawgs taking command roles in prepping for the next class. Shout out to Annas and Christian two of the fastest trained students I have had in cleaning up glazes and helping to load and unload a kiln.

My 2D classes finished up perspective by revisiting 1 point and 2 point floating boxes, and finally creating 2 city scapes. Their final dive was into 3 point perspective. They had a lot of freedom on this one as long as the perspective was accurate. It was interesting to see how people played with buildings, some were one very detailed building, while others were vast cities with multiple buildings.

The Advanced class finished up with dry point plexi plates. I brought in one of my etching presses to let the students get a head start on using more advanced equipment. Maybe I will have sparked another to become a printmaker. My greatest joy was watching Alexis take over as press operator and print studio shop dawg. She would come in every morning and set up paper baths, ink stations, and the press. She was even teaching others.

May begins with the all encompassing STAAR and EOC that takes us away from our classes and sometimes our classrooms. On two days I was administering to a group of 6th graders. We finished early and secured all items. We read, slept, and stared at each other. Finally I broke out old construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, tape, and staplers. They quietly destructed and constructed marvelous creations. They were also instrumental in cleaning up all the scraps.

My friend and Fine Art Coordinator, Laura, called me in to 2 different schools to help the separate and pack up materials as they are getting ready for a summer long renovation. As you can probably see, art teachers tend to hoard as we never know when the money will run out, or we might save to spend on something else. My room was the example of what Laura is going for. Some think it might be a little too much on the military influence.

After a full day of sweating, cleaning, and packing up rooms I returned to my campus to find out I was nominated and recieved the Pawsitive Teacher of the month from 7th grade. What a super honor and to be chosen my the students made it even more special.

In closing out the year, I am getting ready for our special summer program. Three and a half weeks of nothing but studio creation time. Make, make, make, make. Let’s get creative.


Be on the lookout for hidden babies. A few of my advanced students purchased a pack of these little ones and placed them all over campus. I found 8 in my room alone. Funny and strange at the same time.

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    Ed Gilmore

    26th May 2019 - 9:57 am

    Wells scooter well done I can see why you are students nominated unreceived teacher of the month now that school’s and a little break would love to see you and yours quick trip to Florida give me a call all my love to you and yours hope Jody’s doing well give me a chance give me a call

    jody g payne

    28th May 2019 - 8:20 am

    Wow! These are middle school? Such a creative class, and you are bringing out the best of them. Good on ya’ as my Irish friend would say.

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