Where Have I Been?

So, my loyal (but few) followers have wondered where I have been for the past few months. I was really kicking it and charging forward before the summer, and then crickets. Cue cricket sound. Well sports fans let me tell you it has been a whirlwind of a ride.

It all started with the end of an amazing year of teaching. I found myself at a great school that had been giving me a whole lot of freedom and support. So I decided to tackle the summer art program for 6, 7, and incoming 8th graders. Wow, did I take on too much!

So, I learned tackling multiple clay projects was not a good idea. There just isn’t enough drying time, and there were many kiln bombs. I should have known better, but the kids enjoyed making “Kiln Gods” to watch over the fire sequence. I fired all of those the last few days. The Tiki idols would have been better if I had actual tea lights to place in the bottom. Definitely a PTA ask for.

My super summer fine arts team consisted of two elementary and two middle school teachers.

The summer session was rather draining on me and I was happy to get the money to create a special art office at the house. However, being in the studio mindset, I plan on taking some studio classes next year instead of doing the summer school. The room is still not finished, waiting on closet doors and baseboards, but the rest is looking great and very functional.

As I continued to work towards the new school year, I started my masters in art education at the Art of Education University. This online university has already taught me a lot about education and how hard the academics are for me. But hey, I’m tough, this was tested with my last two months of trials that I underwent.

After 19 years of being in the US Navy, moving about while attending school, or teaching school, I was selected to join the ranks Chief Petty Officer. I had given up on that actually happening and was ready to retire in March. When I was selected I had no idea of the difficulty and strain this was going to put on my family, my work, and myself. However, I endured and I was pinned with my new brothers and sisters of class 126 on Sunday, September 15, 2019. That will be a day I will always remember and the people I went through that journey with will always be special.

Now as I close I am wondering where and when will my summer break start? As I jump back in getting ready for fall contest and art shows, I recall the stress of trying to get everything done. Now I have time to reflect and I hope to remember that stress I underwent will be a reminder to slow down and contemplate the finer things in life as I get back to teaching full time and getting back to my studio practice.

Finally getting enough time to finish up one more part of my super craft room so I will be able to start shooting my new videos. Shot the first two on Sunday and already uploaded them to YouTube. These videos are really going to help me have an edge in class for kids that need to review the lessons.

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    jody payne

    30th Sep 2019 - 1:18 pm

    We don’t know how you manage to do it all, but somehow you do. Loved seeing the photos of you in newly acquired khakis and wheel hat.

    JO ANN payne

    22nd Jan 2020 - 11:13 pm

    How do you do it all? You wear so many different hats and now you’ve added the coveted Navy Chief wheel hat. Wow!

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Where Have I Been?