End of the first 9 weeks

Let me begin with my first fully programmed fire of the kiln. I created and stored it for future reference. Later I realized when we loose power the program is erased. Ha ha! I had it written down.

For my 3D class, some have really pushed themselves with great base drawings. While others are experimenting with the hit and miss technique. The artist we are emulating is Wayne White. A very unique individual that made his big break working on puppetry for the Pee Wee Herman show. These kids were thinking we were only going to study the classic artists, but they are really liking some of these off the wall, less known people I am finding.

Art 1 Intro just finished one and two point perspective. I used this assignment with high school with great success. My students only had 3-4 days to draw these. Some were really focused and finished with time to color. That was just an extra, the assignment was just the drawing.

Art 2D finished up a week crash course in Contour drawing. Some had never done this before and were very uncomfortable with the technique and the results. I love them. I also introduced water color techniques like wet on wet, flat wash, and graded wash. My goal, is to introduce them to so many different mediums and techniques that they might really experiment on their own when we have our choice based work at the end of the semester.

Two of my students have scaffolded off of the 4 minute burn that the we do to start class. They have a daily drawing challenge of 3 sketches side my side. The first is a 10 second, the second a 1-2 minute, the third is an 8-10 minute drawing. Insane! Loving it!

After the Contour water color assignment, I wanted to stay on the color path. Now we are jumping right into Matisse and cut paper collage. Pushing unity, movement, and emphasis. They are struggling with the concept but I have discovered with this group to just let them make. Some are just ready to finish, others want to start another to “fix” what they learned. Their words not mine.

Finishing up the week with more new members at art club, we began prepping the recycled clay for next week’s Art 1 cubist portraits.

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September 30, 2019


    michele kidson

    13th Oct 2018 - 10:33 am

    love getting to see the work your students do and the creativity you spark in them they are so fortunate you chose their school. what age are these kids?


    22nd Oct 2018 - 1:05 am

    What a talented class! I hope they all turn out to be this exciting to work with.

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