I can’t believe that we only have a few weeks left. I feel as though I am just getting comfortable and ready to start the year. I am still fixing and moving a few things around trying to get that perfect fit for where I want things. I am sure this will be an ongoing process as the program continues to grow.

My sculpture class continues to break the boundaries as they push further that I hoped. Some of these creations were over 3 feet tall.

The Advanced class has begun to tackle printmaking with linoleum plates. As I introduce them to repetitive work and the art of creating editions, I have suggested that I might bring in my little etching press for drypoint prints.

Throwing more projects at the 2D class they have begun to really experiment with creating works out of past creations. These last few weeks are truly going to be jam packed with the creative process. Looking forward to seeing what the summer session will bring.