Fall comes…

So another two weeks has passed and the job is still good. I dare not say great, as I don’t want to jinx it, but it is pretty darn cool.

We started in 2D art with creating a base color for a non-objective triptych painting. The students mixed an intermediate color as their main color to work from. As they worked in the middle panel this was to be a monochromatic color scheme. This base color was only allowed to be tinted or shaded.

As the students progress, they used complementary colors to their base color on the left panel and a triadic colors on the far right now

I was incredibly impressed that these kids were able to do all of this and less than two weeks.

My sculpture class in their infinite ridiculousness, has continued to surprise me. Although they question everything that they’re supposed to do, their work is larger more detailed and definitely on the higher level than I expected.

The Art 1 intermediate class has pushed fast enough to start one point perspective. I have never seen such skill and eagerness to grasp a higher level of thinking in art amongst seven and eighth graders before.

Art club continues to be a huge success. As it keeps growing I now have older students teaching younger.

I did have In epic fail this week. A new pair of pure white Vans that I picked up at the base on drill weekend, that I was busy drawing and detailing, I find out that the sharpie bled everywhere when I tried to seal them with Scotchgard.

New week starting gesture drawing with 2D. I had a lot of participation, mostly voluntold. I was mostly impressed with my football players who really wanted to ham it up as models for their tables.

Finishing off with Continuous Contour self portraits. I have found if I keep the deadlines short, the complaints and complacency is lowered.

I even found the time to get the 3D printer up and working. I will get this tested out with the art club. Thinking of tree ornaments in tinkercad.

Finished up on Friday at 6pm. Kiln loaded ready to do the first fire of art club pots on Monday. Hung the last of the new work and out the door. Hoo-Yea, hell of a week!

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    30th Sep 2018 - 3:37 pm


    Judythe Morgan

    1st Oct 2018 - 9:09 am

    It warms my teacher heart to see your enthusiasm and the love of art you are instilling in your students. Football players actually participating. You are amazing! Keep up the good work.

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