New Semester

The winter break went too fast, but it was what I needed to recharge and push ahead. My new classes have a few of my students from before, which is nice to help train the new ones to my way of studio processes.

The first thing I wanted to tackle was a tree for the One Act Play, for UIL. we decided to in a different direction, but what a fun learning experience and the chance to work with my BFAF (BEST FINE ARTS FRIEND).

Some work from my 6th grade Art Club President. Kara is amazing and super sweet.

I was called away to Guam for a month long mission. I am reaching the end of my Navy career and will probably retire next year. The first photo is the layover in Houston due to airplane malfunction, the second, that is the compound where I have spent most of my military career working.

Every now and then I would get the opportunity to do what I love most, ART. Sitting on the poach during off and on rainstorms listening to Dave Brubeck while sketching. This reminds me of the time my Mom got tickets to see him perform when they were living in Arkansas. Small moments in time seem to lock in and resonate with me.

Most days we left before the sun came up and came home to this. “All this and a paycheck”, as we used to say. I will miss moments like this when I retire, sitting in uniform having a beer and taking off my boots after a long day.

After only seeing these students for 4 days before I left, I came home to this. The sub I had was not an art sub, but really amazing. Super organized and stayed on top of everything.

Hitting the ground running we jump into color theory. Anything above Art 1 Intro, they mix all colors from primaries. I have found that earning privileges has really helped to build the morale and the desire to work in the studio.

After the color wheel we experiment and create in the style of the Abstract Expressionist to eat up the remainder of the paint. Waste not want not.

We are going to cut these images into strips and weave them together to create a new composition. I will have photos poster later of the final product. Great way to put stuff aside and revisit later.

Now that I’m back, the art room is alive again before and after school, including lunch time. This is what an art room is supposed to look like. Some of these kids aren’t even taking art. Way cool. This is why I have had 75 more students sign up for art next year than last year.

Working with One Act after school, great kids with immense energy that matches their talent.

Finishing up with the largest sculpture class I have ever had, 27 students. Not sure how we are going to do clay, but we will figure it out. These kids are so well behaved and follow directions so well that I have 27 Xacto knives and paint going on at the same time. Haven’t lost a blade or cap, or had the room left in shambles. I already signed a contract for next year and signed up to teach summer school.

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