Spring Break

As I rush into the last half of second semester, I am astonished that this year has really flown by. It looks as though I am really getting a program built here. I am loving the devotion and excitement that I see in the students. Mostly from students that don’t have art this semester but had me for the first time last semester. These kids still come in before and after school sometimes just to hang out and talk to their friends that are taking the class this semester.

But frist, let me tell you what happened up until now. Spring Break!

We didn’t go anywhere, but what I got done has really helped to get me focussed on the final nine weeks. First, I was accepted into an art show and gallery in Denton.

Great opportunity and lesson to teach my students. My work was rejected the day before the opening due to improper framing. The exact words were, “substandard framing”. Ouch! That really hurt my pride and knocked me down.

So time to buck up butter cup and push ahead. This summer I will perfect my frame building techniques. Yet another thing I did not learn in college. I will have a tutorial on how to do this when I get it perfected.

I updated the studio/sun room with new lighting. After I was able to prep the bikes after a long cold winter. I was even able to get a little spin in.

I was able to finally get myself a little toy for my workshop. Really looking forward to drilling out the holes for my Xacto and brush storage for the classroom.

The last day of the Spring Break I had breakfast with a former student. Frida, has really grown up and become a very successful person. She works with children in an after school program while attending Brookhaven College. She has applied to A&M to finish her studies in Environment Law. She is wanting to work for the EPA. I remember this little girl as a rambunctious 9th grader hanging out in my room before and after school, and sometimes when skipping class. What a great person to know.

Dropped off some new/stored supplies for the classroom.

The first week back art club was pushing the boundaries of the blank page by experimenting with Geli plates and different mediums.

As we get closer to our UIL competition the classes are beginning to run themselves.

Two of my students selected to represent the school for YAM (Youth Art Month). I have never worked in a school district that is so ready to promote art and the young artists that grace the halls. Every school is represented and every teacher is invited to show off their students and their work.

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Whew, that went fast.

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    michele kidson

    31st Mar 2019 - 9:45 am

    so very pleased to see that you receive wonderful support there! when next you are accepted for a show, please let us know. would love to come see it. do you have shows at your school that might be open to the public? best wishes to you, your family, and all of your students.

    jody g payne

    14th May 2019 - 11:10 pm

    Kudos for sharing a rejection with your students. All creative people get them. Smart people learn from them.

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