Another week with mostly wins!

So it has been about two weeks since I posted last and a lot has happened. First I think I had some major losses in discipline and trying to get people to function, focus, and just be willing and ready to make some artwork. However halfway through this week I was able to start a new procedure of classes versus classes the class that wins for a nine week period gets a special treat.

They get rewards by doing well. Some of these are music during class and bathroom and water fountain privileges during class. So far I have had great success.

Seeing the photo above I think that the mood is improving. We have had a very busy week and a lot has been accomplished.

Working between two campuses with the exact same rooms and the exact same supplies it is very interesting to see how things are handled any discipline level. One school has a lot of teacher involvement in the disciplining procedures and the other just leaves it up to the teacher. This is a really great opportunity to work in both realms. I do miss seeing the kids every day, it was easier to build a bond.

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