Pushing to Spring Break

It has been about two weeks since I have posted, but that would be because of the packed schedule.

Let’s start with painting all of the decorations for the library for one of my schools. Getting ready for Dr. Seuss’s birthday celebration. I had no idea how that this was such a celebration. I also had no idea what an impact this man had on kids and adults. What an amazing legacy to leave the world. Also at one of me schools my “Garden Club” has started showing signs of growth.

Art club has grown at both schools. It is really awesome to see how these kids are drown to any creative output. I remember my high school art teacher, Nancy Fowlkes and Anatomy teacher Jim Gunnell, just letting me got to make things. “Che, just do something, make something, it doesn’t matter what, don’t be afraid of failing, just quitting.” I heard these words over and over again Tom these two, and I find myself repeating them to my students now. Way cool.

I did find a bulletin board at one of my schools that had not been changed in about 2 to 3 months. What an opportunity to strike!

Also getting ready for some art shows I was unaware of. I love the support I get from the Fine Arts team at Mesquite ISD. They are overly supporting and extremely understanding about the amount of work I have coming in half year.

I was really blown away by the “pep-rally” that one of my schools had on a Friday. The kids were amazing. The “step team” really performed with great skill and determination. Being part of a Black History celebration that was all inclusive and empowered everyone was a first for me. I love how this was about building us up to be better and stronger to face anything rather than a finger wagging you need to do more.

So as I come to a close of another post I am sitting on the back porch with a fire, and my French music station playing from Pandora. I reflect on the past few weeks and I smile. I am ready for spring, especially after preparing the back yard oasis.

I know that my art shows have been set up, and now I just have to enjoy the last week before spring break. Feeling good about pushing these kids to middle school.

I was a little surprised and excited to see that my new uniforms had arrived on Friday. Getting ready for my last few missions before I retire and dedicate my full attention to art and “art techerin'”, as Cassie Stephens would say.

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    5th Mar 2018 - 6:45 am

    You have been incredibly busy, but it has really paid off. Mesquite is so lucky to have you teaching this semester. You obviously have the gift to bring out the best in your students.

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