I was in my litho class yesterday talking with a fellow artist about screen printing.  He was wondering how I do it at home.  Well I am going to show you.  I use the down and dirty way, or as I call it “Ghetto Good!”.  I don’t have room for a lot of fancy equipment, or the money. 

When I am coating screens I do it in the light.  QX1 is very forgiving photo emulsion.  I stack the screens divided by skateboard wheels or short blocks of wood.  Make sure nothing touches the mesh.  I have them flipped to coat the back.  Just one side will get a run of over 500 shirts.

I always put a sign out to remind anybody to not enter.  The screens usually dry in about 4 hours. Best part of working at home.  I get lots of things done and get to play.

Print pal.