Sculpture day

Well yesterday was a wonderful 80 degrees here in Texas, so I was back in the studio trying out new ideas and really getting to know the new tools.  I had some old screens from about 12 years ago, and rather than having them re-stretched I was going to recycle the wood into sculpture.  I use metal screen frames now, less chance of warping.  So the day tarted out great, took Jazmin to school and set up the studio to start working.  As always I ran into a little snag that I will correct next time.  The cuts were easy and assembling was great, the problem was I needed a more sturdy backing.  Today I am going to Lowe’s to get some masonite to build the structure on.  Stability is key.  Life lesson. Smiles.

img_7193 img_7191 img_7192

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