The Push To Christmas Break

After Thanksgiving break I actually got motivated to create. I have been pushing as much work out as I can. I still have 9 boxes of dried clay to reclaim and use. The 3D class is really stoked about having multiple clay projects at the end.

The pinch pots were not very successful and the kids thought they were lame. Actually had one say, “this was stupid in elementary and even more now.” So we moved on to coil pots. Wow big jump.

Some kids have already checked out, so I am giving a few reenergize days with ridiculous quick art prompts. I pad photo groups. I was a little worried at first having groups running around the school, but they were very cool.

New Art Dog added to the family. Bella and Bailey are doing well together, although we had to puppy proof the house again.

I have never really wanted kids to feel that they could not work with good supplies so I started teaching some of these kids how to cut mats for artwork. Not bad for a very rowdy group of 7th graders.

Art club has been busy making buttons to raise money. We actually got a bill for the art club t shirts last year.

The MLK art contest this year was based on what we can do ourselves for our community. Nice twist to getting people to think about what they can do more for others.

Art 2D is getting an introduction to Pop Art by making linoleum printing plates.

After the 3D class was forced to glaze their pieces that they hated, there was a little more pep in their step for ceramics.

Using old arming wire from missions past to Guam proved to be a little more taxing for little hands. So we switched to aluminum for our Giacometti inspired sculptures. Teaching gesture drawing from students posing in class to tool usage with sculpture.

Art club continues to grow, now two days full of students. Insane making going on.


Taking photos of my main board and the transformation that is occurring.

I am super psyched that the school brayers have almost been restored to a new state with help of Fabuloso and 4 hours of soaking. Just saved my program over $100!

Today the students in my 4th period took over and ran the paint stations. I actually sat at my desk and watched. Super cool to watch them take leadership roles and teach others. They even cleaned up…..the best they could. I really appreciated the effort and the care and concern for the art room.

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    10th Dec 2018 - 12:59 pm

    I love seeing how intent but relaxed your students are. The grins on faces as they realize you are aiming your camera at them is priceless.

    I thought the girl sitting on the table was quite telling. A rigid teacher would have discouraged this, but you take it right in stride. Good for you!

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