Busy Week

Well this was a full week.  First of all, I just got back from TAEA (Texas Art Educators Association).  What a great time in Galveston where I learned so much.  Mainly next time I will be presenting and doing the artist sale. 

When I got back home I had to play catch up on my printmaking.  Still trying out different methods for CMYK printing with lithograph stones.  Some success and many failures, but great leaning experience.  Failure doesn’t bother me as long as I am creating something.  When I have something physical in my hands I still feel accomplished.

After grinding down these stones 2 or 3 times to get the image right I decided to just go with it.  After all David Newman all ways says, “make a lot of prints.”  So as I keep pushing forward I have really had a lot of fun mixing inks to the right consistency.  My final two stones are prepped and ready to print next week.

Later during the week I was asked to visit Dan F Long middle school to visit my dear friend and art teacher Katherine Broadwell.  We talked about classes and I was the judge for her PTA reflections art contest.  

It was really nice to be invited and asked to help.

Finally, I tried my hand at a new way of shooting my instructional videos.  Complete failure, not only with tech but I had to laugh when all of the hot gel for the homemade gelliplates spilled out all over the demo table.  I did stop it before it fell on the floor.  Great finish to a crazy week.  Now we are getting ready to have a family dinner at Inca’s, a great local Peruvian restaurant.  Stay tuned for more posts and hopefully the new video format.

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    17th Nov 2017 - 8:26 am

    Someone told me you never learn from your successes, but from your failures.

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