Guam Extended Part 2

Well we hit another day and I was feeling a little adventurous. Got the other unit that was left on the island and we decided to try and find the old Tank Farm.  This is where several tanks were towed to a very sandy area for weapons training.  We never found the small Japanese 95’s, but we did find an amazing waterfall.  This boonie stomp really took a lot out of me and it was pretty much the only thing I did that day.  It also took the last of the life out of my Keens.  I had these shoes for 10 years and they walked me around 4 different countries.

As the week progressed I was busy doing my Navy job.  One morning the command CFL offered to take us up to Japanese Lookout.  This is the highest point on the island that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea.  This was amazing, a great treat and something I have wanted to do for 17 years.

Here is a little friend that I found on the last part of the hike up before the climb.



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