Last Weekend on the Island

Well it started off by taking the last guy to the airport early on Saturday morning.  I took advantage of this time to update the blog and get ready for my visit to the University of Guam.  I was surprised to find out they really don’t have a press, they mostly use barrens for image transfers.  This made me really grateful for having two presses at home.   After that I decided to check out some of the back roads of the island.

As I drove around I passed a bunch of people working on a mural and decided to stop.  This thing was huge!  It is the work of Tina Flores and the students from George Washington High School.  These kids spent the day working on it.  Awesome!  I was even offered to come and see the art classes.  Hope I can get a day off to do this before I leave the island.

The last day I decided to check out the second annual Valley of the Latte Festival.  It was kind of cool, although a little pricey to get in.  If I would have had my family with me it would have been better.  It started with a short boat ride and I hiked the trail back.  Lots of little things to see, and I spoke with several local artists.

The man behind the mic is Pineapple Bob, a very knowledgeable young man about the island.  Apparently he is rather famous on the island, as there were several people here that told me to look for him.

These are some of the oldest Latte stones on the island, unfortunately most of these have been lost over the years.

These are some of the sights that you can see at the village.  The boats are functional and you can get rides up and down the river.  The house is a reproduction of a Chamorro home 2000 years ago.  It was surprisingly cool inside.

Local artists IslaRAe and Tasi Treasures.

This is the last part of the tour.  There are a lot of animals from Guam including a Carabao that you can ride.


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