It is rather bitter sweet, my last day here in paradise.  I started packing after picking up something for a dear friend who is about to retire.  I did one last drive around the island.  It is very hard to say goodbye this time.  I smile missing my family, and I look forward to bringing them with me time after next.  After 17 years and 20 trips out here I should have the miles.  I was told to check out a local artisan’s shop at the Chamorro Village, where I picked up a few items for the family.  Great shop run by retired teachers from Guam.  

Now I sit at the Mermaid tavern.  This place has a great mural of the Koko bird on the side of the building.  I was told about this place by Tina the art teacher I met from George Washington High School.

Check out this Ahi steak burger.  Fresh from the ocean!

I sat at the Tree Bar and grill last night and watched the fire show.  It was a great farewell evening from the island.  Being here helping out new people to the island and finally being alone has only increased my affection for my second home.  I sat on my porch for about an hour last night just watching the water.  Curling up in bed I watched a few episodes of Smallville to catch up with Jazmin back home, I woke up early and walked on the beach in the dark.  When I returned to my room the sun was coming up.  Thank you,

I am now at the airport waiting to board.  This little adventure might be drawing to an end, but now I’m ready to start another.