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So this week started off a little slow.  It’s the first week after my wife’s first chemo treatment. She took off running, even though she was a little down.  So I started working on the Sacred Arrow shirts.  There were over 300.  Also it is a really good cause, they raise money making and selling jewelry and shirts to help get essential oils for cancer patients. Please check them out for some great stuff for yourself.

I also got the chance to print my litho stones.  Here they are getting cleaned off and ready for my photo etch attempt.

Now at CCA football practice after school.  This new athletic director Coach Jackson is a real go getter.  I have learned all sorts of things about the inner workings of High School Athletics.  It my only be 6 man, but it takes an army to get things rolling.

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    20th Sep 2017 - 11:57 pm


    You are juggling caring for your wife, printing out 300 shirts for a cause you believe in, all the while working with a football team.

    Yelp, that’s impressive.

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