As I sit here on the late Sunday afternoon/evening of a three day weekend, I am feeling very relaxed. The team of teachers at this school are so helpful and it really makes things smooth. I had some very upsetting news during inservice and I had to go into survival mode to keep from letting it come out. Again everyone was very kind and understanding.

Getting more done on the room has also been something that has put my mind more at ease. I have never felt very secure or strong in my ability to plan and discuss educational pedagogical vernacular, but I do have the kids attention, and they are eager to make. As we move forward, I have had to “adapt and overcome”, a skill that I learned in the Navy. Supplies not ready or available has caused me to jump around a bit in the semester schedule.

As my supplies trickle in and my classroom becomes more cleaned and organized it is becoming more like my home. My principal, shocked with the transformation was even able to obtain 12 new tables for me. One of them damaged in the transportation has been turned into my personal demonstration station. The day I got back from my Father’s funeral I stayed up at school until almost 9pm assembling them. Again my principal was shocked with how much I had accomplished. It wasn’t for him though, it was just what I needed to do to stay busy.

As Friday came with a flash I was really feeling the groove. The kids are happy and not only making, but also discussing the art. I casually glide by and ask a few questions, prodding them for answers using the vocabulary we have been pouring over for two weeks. They are on point and ready to be challenged more. As my friend and former colleague Ms. Mattoon witnessed with an impromptu visit to 7th period Art 1.