Well after dropping off my daughter and seeing my wife off to work I decided to get a run in and print while I cool off.  So after getting frustrated setting up the studio I decided to an extra mile or so on the run.  Really feel great and ready to hit it.  I still don’t like the way the studio is set up.

So I am still pushing the Akua inks, and really don’t see why some don’t like it.  I do like how the oil based really seems to grip into the plate, but the clean up is very time consuming.  Trying out a three color dry point on plexi today.  Akua let’s me set up multiple plates at a time.  Love it.

These inks are really loose and easy to mix.  I am still on my small sample kit for some colors.

These inks are great for students, they clean up with water and dish soap.  I use window cleaner from Homedepot and newsprint (old phonebooks).  I have even left ink on plates and I’m brayers the whole day and cleaned them after last period.